Best Currywurst in Dubai at Ritzi Restaurant

Indulge in Authentic German Currywurst Right in the Heart of Dubai Marina

Welcome to Ritzi Italian Restaurant, your ultimate destination for experiencing the finest Currywurst in Dubai. Nestled in the vibrant Dubai Marina, Ritzi isn’t just about Italian flair; we’re also home to a hidden gem – our delectable German Currywurst.

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German Curry Sausage at Ritzi Italian Restaurant

What is Currywurst? A Taste of Germany in Dubai

Currywurst is a beloved German street food, a savory currywurst sausage that’s both flavorful and hearty. It’s a unique combination of rich sausage topped with a distinctively seasoned curry sauce, creating a taste sensation that’s loved globally.

Currywurst Dubai Marina at Ritzi Italian Restaurant

Why Ritzi’s Currywurst is a Must-Try in Dubai

Our guests often say that Ritzi’s Currywurst belongs to the best in Dubai. Why? Because we blend authentic German flavors with a touch of Dubai’s cosmopolitan essence.

“It’s not just a meal; it’s an experience!”

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Marina Gate 2, backside, M-Level – Marina Side – Dubai Marina

Opening Times:

Open daily from 8 AM for all-day dining, featuring diverse menus.


Ritzi Italian Restaurant – A Blend of Italian Elegance and German Delicacy

Ritzi isn’t just an Italian Restaurant. While we’re inspired by the beauty of the Italian lifestyle and offer an extensive menu including breakfast, lunch, afternoon café, and fine dining, our special Currywurst brings a unique German twist to our diverse culinary journey.

Enjoy your Currywurst on our relaxed terrace, Bistro Capri, or inside our stylish Milano restaurant. Whether you’re here for our Italian classics or to savor the best German Currywurst in Dubai, Ritzi promises an unforgettable dining experience.